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3D Stereoscopic production


The Solo Adventures is an AWARD winning stereoscopic viral phenomonon that I Co-Wrote and Directed. Check out the feature page! Link

Daniel Smith

Daniel L Smith Award winning Director /Stereographer / Supervisor / Teacher


I understand stereoscopic 3D in a unique way: I emphasize story telling and human factors. I am confident that my innovations will improve work flows and save money. My approach will give your production an extra edge, streamline your production and improve your quality. As a consultant and stereoscopic supervisor I have been involved in managing and overseeing all stages of stereoscopic production, live-action, CG Animation, Stop Motion or combinations of all the above.

After seeing "Corkscrew Hill" and "Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular," Lenny Lipton said these films “show a complete mastery of the medium. I have never seen anything better.” -Lenny Lipton, CTO RealD Cinema

I have found that my strong sense of depth perception and my creative background give me the experience to create solutions for the difficult issues of stereoscopic 3D. From a 24 year passion for stereo photography and 17 + years of working and researching all things stereoscopic I have accomplished the following:


  • Deep knowledge of Stereoscopic conversion techniques.
  • Trained hundreds of artists who have converted 2D motion pictures into stereo 3D such as "The Avengers," "Titanic," "Jurassic Park," and "Pacific Rim"
  • Innovative uses of the 3D fourth wall and script analysis for the best use of 3Ds' emotional impact.
  • Stereoscopic human factors. Understanding the psychology of 3D space and the way our brain interprets the space and sees depth perception. The influence of inter-axial and inter ocular distances on the perception of size and mass.
  • Use of Parallax, color, size, and shape to create dynamic 3D imagery
  • Creation of screen planes, floating windows, stereo camera rigs, minimizing ghosting issues, and maximizing depth.
  • Deep understanding of when to use converging cameras versus parallel and how to mix the two.
  • 3D depth chart analysis. Ability to determine down to the pixel level the amount of perceived depth given the exact seat in the audience, and how to translate that to a VFX artist's monitor.
  • Theater space and screen size knowledge for projection setup, geometric distortions, and shot influence for the amount of parallax and placement of effects in the visual image.
  • Needs and requirements for different stereo outputs, IMAX, RealD, Dolby 3D, BluRay 3D and Dual Projection Etc.

“Daniel helped us produce some extremely complex stereoscopic animated projects for digital projection and large format film delivery, and the results of his efforts were excellent.” -Jeff Kleiser, Synthespian Studios


“Dan’s technical expertise and creative talent helped to push our Spy Kids III effects over the top.” -Vicki Weimer, Producer CafeFX

3D Filmography

Stereoscopic Supervision / Consultation / Production
  • Creature Comforts: The Lost Episodes"- September 2013 - CG Animated. DCP SONY4k. Stereoscopic Supervisor, Stereographer.
  • Safaka World"- April 2013 - CG Animated. DCP SONY4k. Stereoscopic Supervisor, Stereographer.
  • The Goodlifers"- Dec 2012 - CG Animated. DCP SONY4k. Stereoscopic Supervisor, Stereographer.
  • StarWars:Droids"- June 2012 - CG Animated. Dual Digital HD Projection. Visual Effects Supervisor & Stereographer.
  • TimeSlice"- March 2012 - CG Animated. Dual Digital HD Projection. Director / Writer / Stereographer
  • Captain Sternn"- December 2011 - CG Animated. Dual Digital HD Projection. VFX / Stereographer
  • Doctor Who: The Dream Child"- June 2011 - CG Animated. Dual Digital HD Projection. Writer/Director / Stereographer
  • Nazi Robots"- March 2011 - Live Action/VFX. Dual Digital HD Projection.Visual Effects Supervisor & Stereographer.
  • Zombie Aparkalypse"- September 2010 - CG Animated. Dual Digital HD Projection. Director / Stereo Supervisor
  • StarWars: The Solo Adventures"- June 2010 - CG Animated. RealD Theatrical Projection - Director / Co-Writer / Stereo Supervisor - Public debut at Celebration V, Orlando Florida, Winner of "Best Animated Feature" Star Wars Fan Film Competition.
  • Molecules to the Max"- 2009 - CG Animated. Dual 15 perf 70mm IMAX. 45 min TRT. (2D to 3D conversion consultant)
  • Dimension Technologies"- 2008 - CG Animated. 9 View Auto stereoscopic Display. :30 TRT. Rochester, NY
  • Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular 2008"- 2008 - CG Animated. Dual 70mm projection. 4 min TRT. Radio City Music Hall, NY (Consultation on 2008 update of film)
  • Spy Kids 3D: Game Over"- 2003 - Live action green screen. Single strip anaglyph projection. 81 min RT. CafeFX
  • Solar Coaster"- 2003 - CG Animated.Dual HD projection. 5 min TRT. PowderKeg Inc.
  • African Safari"- 2003 - CG Animated. Dual SD projection. 6 min TRT. Flight Avionics
  • Sea Hawk"- 2002 - CG Animated. Dual SD projection. 6 min TRT. Flight Avionics
  • Tinker Doodle Christmas"- 2002 - CG Animated. Dual HD projection. 10 min TRT. Santa's Village, Jefferson NH
  • Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular"- 2001 - CG Animated. Dual 70mm projection. 4 min TRT. Radio City Music Hall, NY
  • Corkscrew Hill"- 2000 - CG Animated. 4K Digital projection. 10 min TRT. Busch Gardens Williamsburg
  • I Lost my M in Vegas"-1998 - CG Animated with Live action and stop motion. Over Under Condon System 35 mm. 8 min TRT M&M's world Las Vegas, NV

"Daniel Smith was the one who fully understood my spreadsheets and formulas that predicted how the stereoscopic effects would look from each area in the theater seating area.  He grasped at once how these quantitative methods could be used to make the stereoscopic experience comfortable yet exciting, by knowing precisely how to avoid causing visual discomfort and eyestrain.  I look forward to working with Dan again on a future project!." -John Merritt, The Merritt Group



“You’re all’s Staff Battle sequence is the movie stand-out. Thanks for all your hard work.” -Robert Rodriguez on Spy Kids 3D

CafeFX crew on SpyKids 3D. Daniel Smith Stereoscopic Supervisor seen back row center holding up "3" Digits



Daniel L Smith

Phone: (+1) 716-435-0735

Email : daniel@danimation.com

Company: www.danimation.com



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