My Story

I am a director,  compositing artist,  writer, teacher,  and 3D Stereoscopic expert. I have worked on feature films, television series, commercials, video games, and special venue films. I have been involved with Visual Effects and 3D stereoscopy for almost 30 years. My diverse path has allowed me to work alongside some truly unique, talented, and visionary artists in the Visual FX. I have worked with Academy award winning supervisors and directors such as Joel Hynek (Predator, What Dreams May Come, Judge Dredd), John Gatea (The Matrix Trilogy, Speed Racer), and Will Vinton( Claymation, California Raisins.) I have supervised stereoscopic projects for Busch Gardens, Radio City Music Hall, and Santa’s Village. I was the stereoscopic supervisor for one of the most successful 3D movies, Spy-Kids 3D. Recently I have worked on Zombieland: Double TapJumanji: Next Level, Disney’s Mulan, and Steven Spielberg’s Amazing Stories for Apple TV.

The 3D Fool…

TheFoolSo why “the 3D fool?”  The Fool is the spirit in search of experience. He represents the mystical cleverness bereft of reason within us, the childlike ability to tune into the inner workings of the world.  The fool is also an ardent enthusiast who cannot resist an opportunity to indulge an enthusiasm. To that end I am a fool for 3D.  I love the 3D world, films, photography and the ability to create that 3D illusion on a 2D canvas.  The 3D Fool will be your guide to create stereoscopic 3D and revel in all its glory.

Please stop by and read some insights and tutorials. Leave some feedback and I shall try to keep this site interesting and informative.