The Solo Adventures 3D

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I am overwhelmed by the support and praise that has been coming at me for my first Directorial effort, “The Solo Adventures”  This film has won the hearts of Star Wars fans all over the world. To date, over a half million people have seen this film. With almost 99% praise and positive views. Its even been shown on G4tv’s Attack of the Show and the host called it, “the greatest Star Wars fan film ever made”

Check it out if you haven’t seen it yet:

The Reel Truth

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Funny stuff. This YouTube video is everything you imagine people really meaning, but is never said. Iv’e been on a few sets and in metting where you almost know this is going on inside people’s heads.  Too funny.

Life as a VFX Artist

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This is not funny. It hits too close to home to be funny. Yet, I find myself smirking with satisfaction and maybe a hint of humor in watching this because, its happening to other people, besides me. Its so true. I’ve been there, i even recognize the place this was made, Digital Domain, and its famous shanty town of cubicles made from plywood. Its sad. Very sad. Ive been in this situation too many times, and its now time to turn the page.

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