Depression Cured for a T-Rex

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Yeah this is amazing. Once in a while you get blown away by something simple and yet very well executed.  Here is the simple tale of a T-rex trying to fit into a world where tiny arms just don’t work.  This spot works so well in how it is fully committed to the CG T-rex and how well he is lit and integrated into each shot.  Kudos to German animation studio Sehsucht who handle the VFX.


New Training Page!

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That’s right I have updated the training page and you will have a popup visit you once per visit encouraging you to sign up for my weekly newsletter that details training options and op/eds on the VFX industry.  Be sure to check it out and sign up.

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The Uncanny Valley

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This clip from 30 Rock is great. It simply describes the phenomenon of the Uncanny Valley. This is why going for realism in CG is very difficult. The closer you are to real, the more you plummet in to the valley of repulsion. Even if you nail something as looking 100% perfect human reality. There is a lack of emotion and a connection to the real that the effect lacks, and thus we feel as there’s something not there. Even in the best moments of photo real CG like in Beowulf or Final Fantasy, it was still uncomfortable and unnerving.

Digtal 3D Expansion

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Digital projection systems are going to expand under a new agreement,  almost 14,000 movie screens within the next year.  Reuters reported on Sunday, and will cost almost $1.1 billion.  The screen in the new deal are owned by Regal Entertainment, Cinemark, and AMC Entertainment.  These systems can be upgaded to Real D 3-D movies. It quoted Michael Lewis, chairman of Real D projection systems, as saying, “3-D is the big game changer and the compelling reason for doing digital cinema.” Currently there are fewer than 1,000 theaters capable of showing movies using the 3-D digital system.

 From IMDB 

FedEx never stops!

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Whats most amazing about this video is no one got hurt. How in the hell do you get squished by a double semi and not take some damage? The one thing I truly love about this video is how the police car that is taping it spins around 180 degrees to capture the truck continuing down the road.

Slow down on icy roads!

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