VFX Mentor

VFX Mentor is an advanced one on one service provided by Daniel L Smith via digital web camera, email, and screen sharing technologies. This service is geared towards the professional that needs brushing up on a skill, a student being challenged, wanting to learning a new technique, and getting personal training to focus your skill set. It is an ideal way to continue your education and have a professional review your work – pushing your limits beyond what you could do on your own. My goal is to teach, challenge, and inspire you to make your work better. Help you land your dream job, secure the promotion you are after, improve your demo reel, or learn the software you need. I believe there is a better way to educate.

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Daniel Smith not only provides a brilliantly in-depth education about visual effects, but does so using examples from his extensive work in the industry. In three short months of knowledgeable critiques, well structured lectures and sound advice, Dan prepared me for the VFX industry.

Ryan Borer

If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.

-Sir Ken Robinson

Not only have I gained a wealth of knowledge, but the content is presented in a very entertaining and intelligent way that both makes sense and is fun to learn.

Alex Rideout

Daniel Smith is one of the best instructors I've ever had. He will teach you more about VFX production in 3 months than any college could in a year. His course gave me both the skills and confidence I need to pursue professional-level work in the entertainment industry.

Sarah Johnson

Daniel Smith not only pushes his students at an individual level, but also challenges them to explore different ideas to expand your circle of knowledge. My eye for detail was developed more in those 3 months than the 2 years I went to school prior to his program. If you are looking to learn to composite fast with high quality results look no further than here!

James Threadgill

What we provide:

  • One on one training with a vfx mentor.

  • A customized plan of action.

  • Lessons to strengthen core disciplines.

  • You will receive feedback on your work.

  • Strategies to improve your work.

  • Challenges and goals that are defined.

What you need:

  • Willingness to learn and work hard.

  • A fast computer. (See minimum specs)

  • Software. (Nuke, Fusion, MochaPro)

  • Fast Internet connection.

  • Web camera using SKYPE.


The cost of Mentorship:

Each “Session” is a block of two consecutive hours costing $200 USD You must commit to a minimum of 10 hours, or 5 Sessions. There is a $30 processing fee. You can purchase additional sessions for $200 per session beyond the initial investment up front. By pre-purchasing, you lock in the price. However, all sessions must be booked to occur within two months of purchase. If you have a Session booked and must cancel, we ask that a 24 hour notice be given to reschedule. If you do not, you forfeit that session and there will be no refund.

Please see our calendar to book your dates.  Times are EST Space is limited. Sessions are on a first come first serve basis.

Danimation and the VFX Mentor program is part of Corrupted Pixel LLC.


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