Daniel Smith has worked in stereoscopic film-making for over a decade. The following are quotes that have been said of the various projects that Daniel has supervised and setup, or of Daniel himself. He has designed all aspects of the Stereoscopic experience. Many of the projects have been groundbreaking like the Corkscrew Hill, the first ever large format digital projection, Spy Kids 3D the first mainstream 3D film to be released in nearly 20 years, and started the current 3D revolution, or his innovative ideas for designing new 3D effects that make use of the medium and encourage audience participation breaking down the fourth wall.


Lenny Lipton is one of the worlds leading experts on 3D cinema. He wrote the book “Foundations of the Stereoscopic Cinema” and is the CTO of Real D Digital Cinema

After seeing Corkscrew Hill and Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular, Lenny said these films “show a complete mastery of the medium. I have never seen anything better.” -Lenny Lipton, CTO Real D Cinema


“Daniel helped us produce some extremely complex stereoscopic animated projects for digital projection and large format film delivery, and the results of his efforts were excellent.” “I would strongly recommend Dan as a digital artist/animator for any project regardless of complexity.” -Jeff Kleiser, KWCC Synthespian Studios

robertgrindhouse.jpg“You’re all’s Staff Battle sequence is the movie stand-out. More than a few people have told me it’s their favorite scene. cool! Thanks for all your hard work.” Robert Rodriguez, Writer and Director of Spy Kids 3D

“Dan’s technical expertise and creative talent helped to push our Spy Kids III effects over the top.” -Vicki Weimer, Producer CafeFX

“His broad range of experience, from modeling and texturing to animation and compositing proved to be extremely valuable, as his skills in each of these areas is very strong. I give Dan Smith my highest recommendation without hesitation.” -Eric Wilson, President of PowderKeg, Inc.

Smith knows his stuff, has a great technical mind, and a good eye for graphics and details. I hope to get a chance to work with Dan again soon on my future jobs, but the opportunity to have his talents used to further the quality of your work is now.”

-David Daniels, Director Bent Image Lab