Thanks for booking your appointments with VFX-Mentor!

I will contact you shortly to confirm which days you have signed up for.  I will put together a plan that will be individualized to you.

I suggest downloading and installing Google Drive.  This is by far the best way to share large assets.  Send me your google account and I will give you permission to access VFX-Mentor drive space for  data.


Next add me to your contacts on Skype.   My Skype handle:  danimation3D


We will be screen sharing and  you should have a good quality camera. This is my web camera and I love it.

speedTest your internet connection,  30-50  down and 10 up should suffice. You can test your connection here: I have a 220 down and 18 up connection.  Its always best to refresh your router before a session so there is no downtime.


Once Again Thank you for booking with us.  I am looking forward to working with you!

You should bookmark this page and refer back to it.