Hooked on a Feeling

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I have seen “Guardians of The Galaxy” twice now. I haven’t gone to see a movie twice in the theaters in many years.  This film had it all. I am walking around quoting Groot and Rockit. My wife has the Awesome Mix Tape Volume 1 blasting though the house. This was a terrific movie and a really great use of 3D.  Hats of to my friends at Stereo D and  Prime Focus for the work they did on this film.  This was a 2D to 3D conversion but it looked like it was natively shot.  Simply fantastic.    Only 45% of audiences have seen it in 3D.  This is one to see in 3D.  See it in 2D or 3D, but if you have the choice, yo wont be disappointed!

3D Class Photos

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I added a new gallery section that has over 12 DAVE School class pictures done is stereoscopic 3D! The best part is the widget under each picture lets you see them in 3D no matter what you have.  No glasses no 3D?  Well you can use 2D or wiggle and you can see the 3D. If you have a passive monitor or 3D television, you can use the interlaced mode and if you have red/cyan glasses you can use your glasses.  Best of all its also compatibly with nVidia’s stereo 3D Vision glasses!  Enjoy! Click here or go to the Gallery drop down.

Daft Punk Tron Video

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This is the official Daft Punk “Derezzed” music video from Tron Legacy. Whats amazing about this video is the retro look of the Tron universe. It feels like it could had been film back in the 80’s yet has a bit cleaner more polished look. I really love how they were able to hold onto the art direction and style from the original film., yet bring some new elements to it. Truly epic. I cannot wait to see the film. I will have a full movie review and 3D review of it next week after I see the film a dozen times. 🙂

Crystal Reel Awards

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fmpta_logoThe Dave School won 13 Crystal Reel awards for “Those Darn Grays” and “The Solo Adventures” at the 2020 Florida Motion Picture & Television Association’s event this past week. I personally won the award for directing “The Solo Adventures” Its been amazing what a life this short film has had beyond the block 4 graduation.  It has been seen by over a half million people. Its been on G4TV’s attack of the show, and shown in film festivals all over the world.

Zombies in 3D

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ZombieMan what a busy week. I just finished up my last class and we produced a 6 minute 3D stereoscopic ride film called “Zombie Aparkalypse” Yes that’s an intentional misspelling. Notice the word PARK in apocalypse. Its a five minute continuous camera move through a theme park over run with zombie hordes. Its funny and twisted and a lot of fun. I will be posting a 3D + 2D version on Vimeo this week and will update here.

The best part was Stereo-D the 3D stereoscopic conversion company and its CEO Arron Parry and co-owner actor Giovanni Ribisi were on hand to interview our class, and offered 18 of them jobs working on the stereoscopic versions of “The Avengers” and “Thor” Way to go guys! I’m very proud of my September 2010 class!


Zalman 3D Monitors

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Not only do I love the Zalman monitors because they use the same circular polarized glasses you get so easily from a Real-D movie, but my Nuke gizmo DepthGrade has been updated to support using those monitors in your workflow. Now Zalman is supporting me by using some of my content as demo material on their website and when you buy a monitor you’ll get a DVD with some of my stuff on it. Cool

The Solo Adventures 3D

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I am overwhelmed by the support and praise that has been coming at me for my first Directorial effort, “The Solo Adventures”  This film has won the hearts of Star Wars fans all over the world. To date, over a half million people have seen this film. With almost 99% praise and positive views. Its even been shown on G4tv’s Attack of the Show and the host called it, “the greatest Star Wars fan film ever made”

Check it out if you haven’t seen it yet:

3D Back on Track

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I have been very bad at doing updates, but I have a great reason.  The last few months has been a whirlwind of new consulting jobs, freelance, and a new teaching job that moved me to Orlando Florida.  I started this month teaching at the DAVE school at Universal Studios in Orlando.  I teach a class in modern digital VFX production. Each 3 months we get to write and produce an original short film complete with live action and visual effects. I act as both the director and VFX supervisor teaching a group of students not only how to make effects but in a true production environment getting them ready for their first real job in the industry

I saw a lot of great 3D movies over the last few months.  I will try to have a critical review of these films posted soon.  This includes Coraline, A Christmas Carol, and of course the ever impressive AVATAR

Stereoscopic and Nuke

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I am very pleased to be teaching a course at FXPHD this term.  FXPHD is the premiere online eduction for visual effects and high end post. Ive been a fan of Mike Seymour and John Montgomery’s great web site FXguide and been keeping an eye on FXPHD for years.  Its really great to be able to take my stereoscopic expertise to the peeps via a great learning platform such as this.

I am a guest professor for the Intro to Stereo course STR101 and I am teaching a full blown course with NUKE compositing software and stereo NUK203 I am really hoping this is the start of a great relationship with the guys at FXGuide.  If you recall I did an interview with them last year.  Its great to be doing something like this.  Check it out!

FXMogul Radio

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I will be on a blog radio show tonight on FXmogul radio with Lee Stranahan. Its a radio call in show.  Here is the show page.  Many of you remember Lee Stranahan as the “Toaster Guy” back in the early 90’s.  Well he now is a filmmaker and educator, and has a great talk show bringing top effects guys in the industry to talk about their craft.

Tonight is my turn, talking about Stereoscopic. Fun!  Be sure to check it out.

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