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By January 29, 2010July 17th, 2014Stereoscopic

I have been very bad at doing updates, but I have a great reason.  The last few months has been a whirlwind of new consulting jobs, freelance, and a new teaching job that moved me to Orlando Florida.  I started this month teaching at the DAVE school at Universal Studios in Orlando.  I teach a class in modern digital VFX production. Each 3 months we get to write and produce an original short film complete with live action and visual effects. I act as both the director and VFX supervisor teaching a group of students not only how to make effects but in a true production environment getting them ready for their first real job in the industry

I saw a lot of great 3D movies over the last few months.  I will try to have a critical review of these films posted soon.  This includes Coraline, A Christmas Carol, and of course the ever impressive AVATAR


  • prakash says:

    any one can suggest me best pipeline for stereoscopy …and best software for rotoscopy mocha? silhoutte?

  • Daniel says:

    I love Mocha. I use Mocha for 2D and 3D projects. Nuke has the best pipeline for stereo. Adding Ocula to Nuke allows for some great optimizations for stereo workflow.

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