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By January 16, 2008Site News

Well its been almost 5 years. FIVE years since I took down what was called Danimation.com the “Anything Coaster!” web portal and reclaimed it as my own professional website. I have done very little with it, and thats about to change. I’ve started a full redesign of the site, and I will be posting tutorials and hints and tips on the new design as well as here on my blog. This will be part of a new more active move to start making some real cash off of my effects knowledge and help to share it with the world. I’ll be more active on some websites and be posting advice and feedback to anyone who asks me for advice. Im working on a series of training Dvd’s that will start to come out summer/fall of 2008. More details on those as the release date gets closer.

Stay tuned there’s lots to come.


  • cworldbader says:

    Hey Dan,

    I was a huge fan of the old Danimation.com Anything Roller coaster. I can hardly believe its been that long since the good old days of Roller coaster tycoon. I remember waiting for you interview with the guys who made it and the anticipation that everyone had.

    Its good to see your still around and pursuing your SFX.

    – Jonathan

  • Danimator says:

    Cool. Welcome back to the site! I’m taking things in a new direction. I still love coasters and now that My son is old enough to ride all the big ones, I have been more adamant than ever about getting to the parks.

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