Journey 3D Trailer

By February 19, 20083D, Movies

I’m sorry but this film looks bad. I saw this same trailer before the re-release of Nightmare before Christmas 3D. My professional opinion is this film will set the 3D movement back. The trailer was overwrought with frame violations too much parallax, and bad gimmicks. There was more eyestrain in this 2 minute trailer than I have seen in the last 20 years of 3D cinema. It might be a fun movie, but I think I will see it in 2D.


  • Jim says:

    You could be right. I hope not, but I agree that the trailer looks gimmicky and that gimmicks will get old FAST. They will also give the other 3D films coming out that focus on creative uses of 3D a black eye. We could be wrong though…

  • Danimator says:

    Thanks for visiting my site Jim! I’m currently added more and more stuff to it. I enjoy your blog MarketSaw very much and hope we can continue a good dialog. I’m very discouraged by Journey 3D. I love that more 3D films are coming out, but if it fails, they will blame the gimmick not the script or poor implementation. Yes we could be wrong, but unless they re-shot it or did some post fixing, what I saw was terrible 3D.

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