Go Speed Racer, GO!

By March 10, 2008Animation, Movies


Speed Racer by the Wachowski brothers has two new international trailers out today that show allot more of the movie. Wow. I’m really looking forward to seeing this one. It really looks like the cartoon has been brought to life. These are stunning visuals that have a hyper kinetic Anime feel to them. I love the use of the graphical motion blurred backgrounds coupled with the ramp into and out of slow motion. The colors really pop and with this film coming to IMAX this is going to be a truly unique film.


Now there’s the crowd out there that says, “this is cheesy, plastic, and childish” they are sad people who have no imagination. This is a film based on a cheaply animated Japanese kids cartoon from the 60’s. What the Wachowski’s have done is fleshed out the universe and kept the animated cartoon look. I think this will be terrific. Photorealism and creating this that look “Real” is so over. I think realism is missing the point. We go to movies to escape. We don’t see them so we can see the real world. We see what’s real in front of our noses every day. The fantastic, the impossible, the improbable, is what I crave to see. Creating a world thats gritty and realistic but fantastic, is just one way to express a creative vision, like in The Matrix. Creating a world thats brightly colorfully violent and cartoonish is another way to express ones vision. Neither right, nor wrong, just different.

A vision I’d like to visit on May 9th.



Click here to see the international Trailers! These Rock.


  • Todd (vert 45) says:

    Yeah, I saw the trailer, pretty outrageous.

    It may turn out well, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

  • Manfred Powell says:

    Yep, you’re absolutely right.

    The Wachowski Brothers aren’t known for standing still. They’re mantra seems to be “if we can’t do something new, then we don’t want to do anything at all”.

    I, for one, think that this distinctive vision for a family film will kick much butt.

    Bring it on.

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