Stereoscopic Films Jumping At Box Office

By June 24, 20083D, Events, Movies

Movie theaters showing films in 3-D are likely to see ticket sales jump an average of 65 percent over similar theaters showing the same movie in 2-d, according to a study by Nielsen PreView, unveiled at an exhibitors’ conference in Amsterdam today (Monday). The study compared theaters with a strong track record in attracting audiences for action/adventure movies. This “like-to-like comparison,” Nielsen said, demonstrated that “consumers when given a choice, will choose 3-D.” Moreover, the study found that when theatres simultaneously exhibit two movies in 3-D their ticket sales double, “indicating that one 3-D screen per theater may not be enough to satisfy consumer demand.” It also discovered that 48 percent of consumers are generally unaware that a movie may be playing in both 3-D and 2-d at separate theaters in their area.

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