Journey to the Cinema

By July 17, 20083D, Events, Movies

Well tonight I am going to be taking my wife and son to see “Journey to the Center of the Earth” in Real D 3D cinema. I’ve always been a fan of the Jules Verne classic. I loved to watch the 1959 classic Henry Levin version when I was a kid. I also loved listening to Rick Wakeman’s musical version. So I am well versed on this classic, and hope that they din’t destroy what was a great story that didn’t need to be screwed with. I am also worried about the 3D. When I saw the trailer in 3D before Nightmare Before Christmas 3D last October, I had very little hope. It was ripe full of bad 3D. I hope they fixed it. I hope they adjusted for frame violations, chessy coming at ya routines, and the horrid use of the Cameron Pace camera system.

I pray. I hope.

I want this film to be good, not just in the box office, but the quality of the 3D is paramount to making 3D an enjoyable experience and not just a gimmick. Gimmicks don’t last. Great 3D will last.

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