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There has been many developments on the stereoscopic side of things lately.  I have been very busy getting allot of attention for my training videos.  I will be pushing some freebies out very soon, while finishing up on the details for the larger release. One of the most interesting things has been the release of a stereoscopic enabled web cam. http://www.minoru3dwebcam.com/  I will pick one of these up and do a full review when its released in December.

 Isn’t he cute?   Reminds me of Wall-E…


Also here is a really cool looking TriLens stereo camera.  Click here: TriLens Its a film based portrait camera and has some really good specs.  You only get six stereo pictures per roll of film.  Id love to get one of these, but I think my film days are behind me.

I’m going to be implementing a sign up for my 3D training newsletter.  I have had several phone calls and emails from people all over the world interested in  my training course.  So I am looking into a decent list management software to help keep up with the growing demand.  That’s all for now….



  • DarkCity says:

    I need this! I was just on their website and there is no links or info as to when it is coming out. Any ideas? Imagine the applications that this could be used for. FUN!

  • Gray says:

    Hey Dan,

    I’m at graymiller.blogspot.com, and I’m working on getting under the hood of some of the alternate ways of using 3D tools for storytelling. I’d love to work together on something– I’m working with a real rudimentary camera setup right now but it’s the fastest way for me to try out my ideas, which involve occasionally tweaking the L R images into juxtaposition for storytelling, versus using them for stereo depth. For example, putting a flashback up in the left eye only, while your right eye is watching the character’s reaction. But I’d really welcome your advice and experience as I go forward with my 3D web series “Sea Monster”.

    Congrats on the great blog and the great work!

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