3D Superbowl Commercials

By February 2, 2009Stereoscopic

Here they are. The full 3D trailer for Monsters Vs. Aliens and the Sobe Lifewater commercial in Color Code 3D. You will need your color code glasses which were given out at supermarkets before the Superbowl to view these. Color Code uses Blue on the right eye and amber/yellow for the left. Its still an anaglyphic color filter process, but instead of the picture looking red you’ll get a bluer tone. Over all I was pleased with the 3D results. Very little eye prodding. However, I do not think anaglyph in any form is good for creating “New Digital 3D” in consumers minds. I think this stunt may have hurt the perception of Monsters Vs Aliens in the public eye as being old fashioned 3D.

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