Stereo 3D Land

By September 14, 20093D, Site News, Stereoscopic

There is so much progress in 3D land these days.  I have been really really busy. I am almost done with my premier training video, “Stereoscopic 3D for VFX” almost a year in the making this video will take you though the various processes and will detail the creation of a VFX shot from beginning to end. I am publishing this video though Kurv Studios and I will have a link to their store when its released.

I have also worked recently as a consultant on an IMAX 2D film that was converted to 3D and will be released this fall in IMAX educational (Museums and science locations) theaters.  Molecules to the MAX! will educate your little ones about the nanoverse and how things are connected on a molecular level.

I have a new showreel up on Danimation, and I am seeking more freelance work right now.  Book me up before you need me and I’m too busy!


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