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By August 19, 20083D, Site News, Stereoscopic

I am so frustrated at the quality of the recent 3D films. I was going to post a review for “Fly me to the Moon” but it would had been the 3rd post in a row of “FAIL” So I am not going there. I will post my review in a few days, but not until I can get dome distance. I’m looking out to the future of 3D films, and Coraline looks like what the doctor ordered to cure my blues. I’m really excited for this stereoscopic stop motion opus, from Laika (former Will Vinton Studios) and Henry Selick. It should be great. Here is a quick peek:


  • gigi says:

    Dude!! Post a review!! Go see FLY ME TO THE MOON!!
    This film rocks 3D unlike anything out there. It was completely created and executed in 3D. Not software slapped onto the film like the big studios do. If you ever did your homework, you would see that this movie comes from one of the top producers of 3D, period. This is the first true 3D animated feature to ever come out, before the big studios, and you’re not even going to review it??!! You don’t have to love the story, but technically, it blows everything away that I have ever seen. Wow, glad to see you guys support the little guy….

  • 3Dfool says:

    Wow, I appreciate the comment, but I think your way off base here. I’m a big fan of nWave. I own many of their films on HQFS 3D dvd (Haunted Castle, Alien Adventure, Encounters in the 3rd Dimension, Etc) and frankly, I’m blown away by how sloppy the 3D is in FMTTM. I really expected much better from my 3D friends in Belgium. I do my homework, Ive seen the film, and there are rampant issues with vertical parallax, breaking frame violations, and too much negative parallax. Human eyes should NEVER diverge more than 3 inches on the projected screen. I never said I wasn’t going to review it, just not post up another negative review so soon.

  • Anne says:

    How can you say this thing rocks?? It is horrific! I caught an early viewing and I was left speechless, literally I couldn’t talk…I was too sick to my stomach from the horrible 3D. I can’t even imagine what they were thinking when they made this piece of crap. The 3D is so bad that half the people leaving were talking about how bad it was and how it they had to take their glasses off during it not to be ill! I really think it’s a bad sign when the audience takes their glasses off! Isn’t the idea of 3D to keep them WEARING THE GLASSES?

    It’s too bad that they are making this king of junk…I would rather wait for good 3D then be forced to watch something that was obviously whipped together and forced out. As Kim Novak use to say, “I can eat a can of Kodak and puke a better movie.” Words to live by when you think about seeing this film.

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