Dan-NPR.jpegThat’s me at WBFO 88.7, the local National Public Radio station, here in Buffalo. I was recording and interview about the market and future of stereoscopic film making for a “Morning Edition” segment by Kim Masters of NPR. Morning Edition is the largest audience radio show only second to Rush Limbaugh in the nation. It was quite an honor to be on the show. I will post an update on when the segment will be on, with links to their live net cast. I was told it could be next week, but with all these hurricanes and election fun, Arts and Entertainment news can be bumped.

UPDATED! 9/19/08

The interview will air Friday morning at the end of the 8-9 am hour. Thats Friday 9/19/08 on the “Morning Edition” show.   Click to listen to the piece.


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