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3D Class Photos

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I added a new gallery section that has over 12 DAVE School class pictures done is stereoscopic 3D! The best part is the widget under each picture lets you see them in 3D no matter what you have.  No glasses no 3D?  Well you can use 2D or wiggle and you can see the 3D. If you have a passive monitor or 3D television, you can use the interlaced mode and if you have red/cyan glasses you can use your glasses.  Best of all its also compatibly with nVidia’s stereo 3D Vision glasses!  Enjoy! Click here or go to the Gallery drop down.

Going Live!

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So after a a big revamp, my new blog/website goes live today!   I am prepping more content and more information, and I plan on keeping the blog going on a regular basis.  Please stop by and check out the sights!

Next on the agenda: 2014 demo reel.   I have been teaching for the last 4 years and my schedule keeps me very busy, but I still have lots of new content that just hasn’t been put into a reel since 2009. I’m always telling my students that you should be able to make a new reel in a day, and I have got to practice what I preach. Well I do, but just not for myself.  I just made a reel that showcases what my student learn and that took less than a day.


Click the home button or the logo up top…

Zombies in 3D

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ZombieMan what a busy week. I just finished up my last class and we produced a 6 minute 3D stereoscopic ride film called “Zombie Aparkalypse” Yes that’s an intentional misspelling. Notice the word PARK in apocalypse. Its a five minute continuous camera move through a theme park over run with zombie hordes. Its funny and twisted and a lot of fun. I will be posting a 3D + 2D version on Vimeo this week and will update here.

The best part was Stereo-D the 3D stereoscopic conversion company and its CEO Arron Parry and co-owner actor Giovanni Ribisi were on hand to interview our class, and offered 18 of them jobs working on the stereoscopic versions of “The Avengers” and “Thor” Way to go guys! I’m very proud of my September 2010 class!


Stereo 3D Land

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There is so much progress in 3D land these days.  I have been really really busy. I am almost done with my premier training video, “Stereoscopic 3D for VFX” almost a year in the making this video will take you though the various processes and will detail the creation of a VFX shot from beginning to end. I am publishing this video though Kurv Studios and I will have a link to their store when its released.

I have also worked recently as a consultant on an IMAX 2D film that was converted to 3D and will be released this fall in IMAX educational (Museums and science locations) theaters.  Molecules to the MAX! will educate your little ones about the nanoverse and how things are connected on a molecular level.

I have a new showreel up on Danimation, and I am seeking more freelance work right now.  Book me up before you need me and I’m too busy!



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There has been many developments on the stereoscopic side of things lately.  I have been very busy getting allot of attention for my training videos.  I will be pushing some freebies out very soon, while finishing up on the details for the larger release. One of the most interesting things has been the release of a stereoscopic enabled web cam.  I will pick one of these up and do a full review when its released in December.

 Isn’t he cute?   Reminds me of Wall-E…


Also here is a really cool looking TriLens stereo camera.  Click here: TriLens Its a film based portrait camera and has some really good specs.  You only get six stereo pictures per roll of film.  Id love to get one of these, but I think my film days are behind me.

I’m going to be implementing a sign up for my 3D training newsletter.  I have had several phone calls and emails from people all over the world interested in  my training course.  So I am looking into a decent list management software to help keep up with the growing demand.  That’s all for now….


Press is good, 3D press is better.

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I’ve been getting allot of positive feedback and press on my article on the evaluation of “Fly Me to the Moon”.   From my fellow blogger Sean Gleeson here: Swell3d, getting the attention of a NPR writer,  to a 3D newsletter publication from this article has made an impact around the 3D community and it continues to spread. Thanks for all the positive press out there. What I was trying to do with that article is show how “FMTTM” didn’t have to be made that way.  You can do some simple things to vastly improve your 3D.  I got a few negative feedbacks too.  They are in the comments section. While I do not agree, its great to have a healthy debate, so keep the comments coming!

In other 3D news, I have been a beta tester for the Foundry’s newest 3D stereoscopic plug-in called Ocula.  I can’t say too much about it yet, but there will be a training course in its use over at   This plug-in  blows me away. It will redefine the work flow for stereoscopic effects work. Mark my words. FX guide has a nice whitepaper about its work flow, check it out here: Ocula Whitepaper

AutoDesk will be releasing Maya 2009 in October.  The biggest news here is Maya 2009 will be able to display 3D view ports right inside of openGL.  Now I have had some melscripts that let me do this for years (mainly using cross eye method)  but now you can see anaglyphic, checkerboard, and interlaced methods as you work. You can now model, animate, texture, playblast in stereo.  Kudos to Autodesk for implementing this feature. Check out the movie here.  Stereo Maya


Friday Update

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Well its Friday and I haven’t updated in a week or two.  I’ve been fairly busy with work, but this weekend I’m going to try to update the rest of the site and open up my stereo forums on the 3Dfool site.  Many of you know me and many more do not. In addition to Visual Effects and Stereography, I have been a filmmaker and time lapse cinematographer.   I started a page on Vimeo, and I have some videos there.  Check them out.  I had allot of fun making these. The best thing about Vimeo, is that you can see any of these videos in full 1280x720p HD rez, streaming to your computer.  Great service and community.

RE/Lapse from Daniel Smith on Vimeo.

Quick Update

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I am so frustrated at the quality of the recent 3D films. I was going to post a review for “Fly me to the Moon” but it would had been the 3rd post in a row of “FAIL” So I am not going there. I will post my review in a few days, but not until I can get dome distance. I’m looking out to the future of 3D films, and Coraline looks like what the doctor ordered to cure my blues. I’m really excited for this stereoscopic stop motion opus, from Laika (former Will Vinton Studios) and Henry Selick. It should be great. Here is a quick peek:

Danimation Updates

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The front page of has been updated to reflect my consultation and 3D stereography business. I have selected some projects I’ve supervised to highlight, and I will be building pages describing each project a bit more in detail in the future. I will be adding details like techniques used, format, and some 3D anaglyphic stills from each project.  Be sure to check it out, click on the pic to go there.

Upgrade & Update

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Well I just upgraded to the latest word press 2.5 The updates on the site have been a bit slow lately. I’m working on a big article that I hope to publish next week about creating your own home 1080p 3D system for under $2500. Yes this can be done, and I will show you how step by step. Also I have been working on the companion site,, developing content for my tutorial series. Busy busy busy. The world of 3D stereoscopic is exploding. There are so many new films being put into production.

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